Let me count thy ways!

1. Not using a lighting designer & instead left it to the so-called professionals who put one light every so-and-so distance. Once the project is finished you either have so much light like a Christmas tree or you don't have enough light and your area looks like a cave.

2. Hiring a lighting designer and not listening to their input/advice. What's the use? If they say "No, there should only be one color temperature in your conference room," it's to save you and your full office headaches after the meeting. Listen!

3. Using dimmable light fixtures when they're not really required by the end user. I have seen it happen so many times! What a waste of effort & money!

4. Main focus is on pricing, pricing, pricing & not bothering to check the quality of the items. First of all check the warranty offered by the supplier. If the warranty is three years or more, this signifies that the products are of good quality and, thus, are reliable. Also going back to point no. 1, listen to your lighting designer/consultant, if they tell you that very cheap spot of yours is not acceptable, there is a technical reason for it. It probably means it won't stand six months as it doesn't have any component to withstand the voltage fluctuation. Do not risk it!

5. Preferred using solar lighting but didn't check other factors involved. For example, maintenance cost/effort. You cannot install solar lighting in your garden & expect it to work 10 years without cleaning the panels from time to time. Same for solar street lighting, yes it is installed in 5m or 8m but it's just the same concept - maintenance is a big point. If your using 5 pcs or less then its not so much of a burden to mantain, but what if your project is hundred of acres & will be using 500 solar light and you didnt consider it.

6. Not being very clear with what the end client/user wants. At the end of the construction, you deliver a perfectly working lighting system with home automation only to find out client wanted to use a different system to control it. Disaster!

These are the most common mistakes we've come across, I pray you do not experience it & save yourself from trouble.

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