THE LATEST TREND: More and more of our clients are preferring to use linear lights. One of the questions we commonly encounter about cove lighting is, "Can it be used as a main source of light?"

The straight answer is no.

Cove lighting is normally viewed as ambient or decorative lighting. It can enhance your space or transform your interior into something elegant and luxurious-looking but it won't give you the ample light you need if you, for example, want to read a book. The efficiency of energy use may present a sustainable and economical benefit for the user, but ability to see may be compromised using only cove lighting.

Its main purpose is to serve visuals. While cove lighting may benefit the aesthetics of your project, its functionality and practicality is debatable, especially when considered against other types of lights. To overcome this, it is a wise choice to consider cove lighting as supplementary to your other, main sources of light. In having a space with varying sources of light, visuals have the potential to be boosted and allows for both functionality and aesthetics to be tackled.

Overall, cove lighting is a wise and emerging decorative choice of lighting to use in your next project.

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