Okay. Let’s try not to get too technical, but as a definition: the color temperature of a light describes the light appearance emitted by a light source. As a standard, we compare everything to the natural sunlight which is around 4000K. Don’t trust all the terms out there as manufacturers' descriptions of color temp differ from one to another; however, numbers will all be the same. So look at the numbers and not at how they termed it.

For my clients I let them choose between:

6000K - commonly called “cool white”- normally use in hospital, kitchen, clean room, etc

4000K - commonly called “natural white”- normally use in office, school, library, etc

3000K / 2700K- commonly called “warm white” & normally used at home, hotel, restaurants, etc

As you can see: the lower the number goes, the warmer the color is.

We also offer: RGB - Red, green, or blue / or all color variety type. Some even ask for specific colors which we, of course, attend to.

All above mentioned color temperatures of light are as per client or end-user prerogative of course. I've met clients who prefer using 6000K at home as they find it very clean-looking & some who believes 3000K or warm white makes them look prettier in the mirror. 

So if your refurbishing your home or opening your new business like a shop, restaurant, or office, fear not, you can select the color you are most comfortable in or what you think is best for your home or business.

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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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